What is Teleradiology?

Teleradiology is the practice of interpreting medical images from a remote location, without being physically present where the images are taken.

The Technology

CTS utilizes a secured Internet connection along with highly specialized software to transmit the diagnostic images and enable radiologist to effectively analyze many images for a given study. Technologies such as advanced graphics processing, voice recognition, and image compression are often used in conjunction with each other.

Patient Privacy

CTS doctors, staff, PACS and workflows all follow PIPEDA, HIPAA, local regulations and other patient and technology privacy requirements.

What does Canadian Teleradiology Services (“CTS”) do?

CTS streamlines the flow of diagnostic imaging scans from clinics and hospitals to certified radiologists through PACS software. Radiologists review the scans, generate medical reports, and instantly send them to the client’s EMR system. In cases where a separate in-hospital reporting system is required, CTS can work with its clients' IT departments to customize the workflow catering to specific needs.

The CTS system offers client hospitals and clinics convenient access to radiologists, addressing the radiologist labour shortage issue. This service is particularly valuable for healthcare facilities in remote areas where skilled radiologists are scarce.

Why Do You Need Teleradiology?

It's no secret that that the demand for radiologists is increasing at a faster pace than the workforce is growing. Many hospitals, particularly ones located outside big urban centers, are searching for radiologists on a continuous basis. Administrative staff devote a lot of time to finding radiologists to work at their hospital and/or organizing and staffing on a locum basis. Locum's can cost a hospital money, time and precious resources, while not completely solving the situation. Additionally, many hospitals reduce their diagnostic department services during off-peak times, leaving a void for the emergency department in terms of patient turnaround time and inadequate tools at their disposal to make diagnosis in a timely manner resulting in a shortfall in service to the community. Teleradiology allows emergency departments to function efficiently during the weekdays, overnight, and weekends.

The CTS Solution

CTS is your solution. CTS works in conjunction with your department DI manager and/or chief radiologist to provide overnight, weekends and even 24/7 service. CTS is the dependable, reliable, trustworthy solution, with professional Canadian licensed radiologists to serve your needs. CTS alleviates the need for locums and the continuous search for radiologists. The CTS solution can save your hospital time, money, and resources in an effective and efficient way, benefiting your community. CTS provides 60-minute turnaround time on emergency STAT cases, 30 minutes or less for stroke protocol centers and within 24-hour turnaround time on all elective non urgent studies.

CTS Benefit and Expertise

By utilizing CTS, we complement and enhance your diagnostic department to ensure your emergency room is running 24/7. We also can provide service for elective work where needed. CTS has a proven track record and history - when we begin a partner relationship with a client hospital, we are partners for years to come. CTS can lessen the time you and your staff must spend on sourcing and interviewing new radiologists, along with the cost associated with the process. We put your mind at ease, knowing that you can depend on us.

CTS will continuously coordinate with your DI manager to ensure your hospital is completely satisfied with our services. We provide a schedule before each month that communicates which radiologists are working specific shifts and provides all necessary contact numbers for any emergencies that may arise.


CTS provides a dedicated radiology team to develop a cohesive group with your ER doctors and technologist. Many radiologists will read for years on the same contract, establishing a long-term relationship.

Our system is backed up with 24-hour IT support should any special situation arise.

Our expert radiologists are all currently working in hospitals and clinics and have earned their reputations. We will organize and supply, in one package, all the credentialing documentation that your hospital requires to ensure we are meeting your standards.

CTS radiologists are governed by the Regulated Health Professions Act under the auspices of the College of Physicians and Surgeons.

CTS Set-Up:

CTS uses the latest technology for the delivery of images and reports. VPN, HL7 Integration and more are utilized to ensure easy setup and secured transfer of data that is all done remotely.

CTS and Your Community

CTS understands that your community expects the best health care possible. The CTS solution provides prompt, decisive radiology support allowing you to utilize the best tools at your disposal. CTS would like to be a part of your overall health care plan. All our radiologists are licensed in your area and are dedicated to meet your expectations for great patient care.

Now servicing hospitals and clinics nationwide across three different provinces in Canada.